2 thoughts on “365 Church Street development site viewed December 21 2010

  1. Bill Toronto

    An interested buyer.
    What is the status of this development? What would be a current approximate timeline for occupancy?

    1. TOblogeditor Post author

      The City held a community consultation meeting on March 31 to get feedback about the proposal from area residents and other concerned/interested citizens. That feedback will be taken into account by city planning staff when they issue a report to Toronto and East York Community Council, recommending whether or not to approve zoning changes to allow the condo project to proceed. That could happen sometime this summer or during the fall. If the project gets approved by that council and then by Toronto City Council, the developer could begin marketing the project and selling suites. The sales process could take 1 to 2 years, and construction another 2 years or longer (long construction delays are common). I estimate it will be four to six years before this tower is ready for occupancy — assuming it gets built.


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