Going up: Burano makes a statement on Bay Street


Burano Condos viewed from corner of Grenville and Bay on Jan. 5 2011



Bold new building for Bay: It’s only approaching one-third of its ultimate height, but the Burano Condos tower already makes a strong visual statement on Bay Street.  With its sharply-angled northeast and southeast corners, and freshly-installed reflective windows putting a shiny face on its six lower floors, Burano is attracting plenty of attention these days. Artistic renderings (below) show what the 50-floor tower is expected to look like when completed; the photos that follow show how far Burano’s construction was coming along this week.



Burano Condos construction entrance on Grosvenor Street


Concrete pumper and construction crane atop Burano Condos tower


Windows recently installed on southeast side of Burano Condos tower


Southeast corner of the Burano Condos tower


North side of Burano Condos tower viewed from Grosvenor Street


Northwest side of Burano Condos tower viewed from Grosvenor Street


A nearby building reflects in windows on the north side of Burano Condos


Looking up at Burano Condos tower from Grosvenor Street


Northeast corner of Burano Condos tower


Burano construction crane reflects in the Murano tower across Bay Street


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