A important note about my online photo albums


As regular readers of thetorontoblog.com are aware, many of my posts include links to online photo albums, some of which feature hundreds of pictures of downtown Toronto buildings and construction projects. The albums were hosted on Webshots.com, a popular site boasting more than 691 million member photos.

Unfortunately, the photos in my Webshots albums are no longer available for public viewing. The company that owned Webshots.com decided to shut the photo site down, effective December 1 2012. That means all links I have provided to my photo albums will not work. Editing posts to remove the Webshots links will be an incredibly tedious and time-consuming process that will take me weeks, if not months, since I have posted hundreds of photos since launching the blog.

I am gradually rebuilding photo albums on thetorontoblog.com’s Facebook page, as well as on TheTorontoBlog’s Flickr page, but that, too, takes an enormous amount of time.

I sincerely apologize for the dead links and trust you will understand this was completely beyond my control. Unfortunately, Webshots.com provided little advance notice of its intentions to close, and I have not yet had an opportunity to remove more than a few links. Please bear with me.

Moving forward, links will be provided for albums on either flickr on Facebook. Fingers crossed that neither of those websites decides to shutter its photo album operations, too!


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