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Regent Park construction continues its quick pace

40 Oaks construction at Regent Park

June 21 2011: Brilliant green Securock glass-mat sheathing panels give 40 Oaks, the Toronto Christian Resource Centre’s 87-unit affordable housing project, a bold presence in the northwest corner of Regent Park …


40 Oak Street Regent Park

… but by July 13 2011, the green is beginning to disappear as insulation and cladding is applied to the building’s exterior


One Park West  condominiums Toronto Regent Park

June 21 2011: The front entrance to the One Park West condominiums at 260 Sackville Street is still cordoned off as exterior landscaping and sidewalk installation continues …


One Park West condominium Toronto Regent Park

… but by July 13 2011, the landscaping and sidewalks are complete, the front entrance is open (but awaiting some finishing touches), and One Park West residents have moved into their new condos


Regent Park aquatic centre construction

June 21 2011: The steel frame for the Regent Park aquatic centre takes shape at the northwest corner of Dundas and Sumach Streets …


Regent Park Aquatic Centre construction

… and has more than doubled in width by July 13 2011


Regent Park development site

June 21 2011: Demolition of low-rise apartments created this large empty plot of land, seen from St Bartholomew Street looking north to Dundas Street …


Regent Park development site

… which is right next door (to the west) of the Paintbox Condominium highrise currently under construction (right) …


Regent Park redevelopment site

… but by July 13 2011, the property is buzzing with work crews …


Regent Park redevelopment site

… as construction begins on another new Regent Park condo highrise


Paintbox Condominium at Regent Park

June 21 2011: The Paintbox Condominium tower has risen to 11 storeys behind the Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre on Dundas Street …


Paintbox Condominiums Regent Park

… by July 13 2011, Paintbox has climbed four storeys higher, with crews beginning to pour concrete for the 16th floor


Paintbox condominiums Regent Park

June 21 2011: A view of construction progress at Paintbox Condominiums from St Bartholomew Street to its southwest …


Paintbox condominiums at Regent Park

 … and another look at the building, standing four storeys taller, on July 13 2011