Off for a change of architectural scenery



 Toronto downtown skyline

For two weeks I will be trading my daily view of glass and steel skyscrapers …



Platis Gialos Mykonos

… to one dominated by low-rise whitewashed buildings with blue shutters …



Cavo Tagoo Hotel Mykonos

… and traditional Cycladic architecture exemplified by the Cavo Tagoo Hotel …



Paraportiani Church

… and the Paraportiani Church, both in Mykonos



church in Mykonos

Instead of seeing scores of skyscrapers stretching across the horizon, I will see skylines punctuated by dozens of blue- and red-domed churches …



ruins on Delos island

 … or columns and stone walls that still stand on the sites of ancient cities, like these Delos island ruins dating from around the 2nd Century B.C.



Acropolis Museum in Athens

And in Athens, I’ll see a mix of old and new, where the beautiful contemporary architecture of the fabulous Acropolis Museum



Acropolis Museum in Athens

… accommodates and celebrates the city’s vast rich heritage



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