Keeping tabs on …. 400 & 500 Wellington West


400 Wellington condo

400 Wellington condo construction progress on February 17 2011


Windows on Wellington: After I walked down Wellington Street West more than a month ago, I reported that construction at the 400 Wellington condo building had reached the fifth floor — almost halfway to its final height. Since then, construction workers have made considerable progress: eight floors have been poured, and windows are being installed on the lower levels. But just a short stroll down the street, the 500 Wellington West condo development didn’t look much different than it did in January. Photos of both projects, below, will let you judge for yourself how quickly these two new condo buildings are coming along.


400 Wellington condo

Southeast view of 400 Wellington condo construction on Febuary 17 2011


400 Wellington condo

Construction viewed from the south side of Wellington Street


400 Wellington condo

Window installation on 400 Wellington’s south facade


400 Wellington condo

Another view of 400 Wellington’s new south walls and windows


400 Wellington condo construction

400 Wellington construction viewed from the southwest


500 Wellington West condo constructio

Southeast view of 500 Wellington West construction on February 17 2011


500 Wellington West condo construction

Upper southview floors of 500 Wellington West condos


500 Wellington West condo construction

Middle south-facing floors at 500 Wellington West


500 Wellington West condo construction

The building boom at 500 Wellington West




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