Hotel open, but work continues atop Trump Tower



Below are several pics I shot Wednesday of ongoing work high atop the Toronto Trump.


Trump Tower Toronto

March 14 2012: Toronto Trump Tower viewed from the southeast, at the Toronto Dominion Centre plaza off King Street


Trump Tower Toronto

March 14 2012: Construction workers on a swing stage install cladding on the exterior of the tower’s south side


Trump Tower Toronto

March 14 2012: A closer view of the work crew on the swing stage 65 storeys up


Trump Tower Toronto

March 14 2012: Work continues midway down the tower’s south side, too


Trump Tower Toronto and Scotia Plaza

March 14 2012: Trump Tower Toronto and 68-storey Scotia Plaza


Toronto Financial District office towers

March 14 2012: Toronto Dominion Centre Plaza view of the Toronto Trump Tower and nearby Financial District skyscrapers



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