Ripley’s aquarium shaping up & filling in fast


Ripley's Canada Aquarium

August 15 2012: The sharply angled roof of the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is quickly taking shape at the foot of the CN Tower, left


Ripley's Canada Aquarium rendering

This rendering provided to the media shows how the distinctive roof will appear when viewed from the entrance plaza to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada


Ripley's Aquarium Canada

August 15 2012: Another view of the iron and steel frame of the aquarium roof


Ripley's Canada Aquarium

August 15 2012: Construction viewed from the southeast on Bremner Boulevard


Ripley's Canada Aquarium

This rendering shows how the aquarium will appear when viewed from the southeast …


Ripley's Canada Aquarium rendering

… while this illustration shows the aquarium viewed from the south


Ripley's Canada Aquarium

This model shows the layout of the aquarium interior


Gone fishing: It was exactly one year ago I reported that construction had commenced at the foot of the CN Tower for the $130 million, 135,000-square foot Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada — Toronto’s first major new tourist attraction in years.

Last week I was amazed to learn that, less than a year after construction shovels had hit the ground, the aquarium had already begun hydro-testing its 750,000-gallon Shark Lagoon, filling the acrylic tanks with water to ensure there are no leaks. I had not seen the construction site since early May, at which time it looked like the building still had a long way to go, so I was surprised to hear that water testing was underway on the tanks that will become home to more than 13,500 fish and other sea creatures. (Also last week, the Toronto Star reported that marine biologists and shark experts started hunting for sand sharks for the aquarium back in April.)



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