Berczy condo construction reaches 5th floor


The Berczy condos

August 15 2012: Construction of The Berczy condo building viewed from the south at the intersection of Church Street and The Esplanade


The Berczy condos

August 15 2012: Construction has reached four levels at the south end of the complex …


The Berczy condos

… five floors in the building’s midsection …


The Berczy condos

… and two floors along Front Street, across from the iconic Flatiron Building


The Berczy condos

August 15 2012: Construction progress viewed from the northeast on Front Street


The Berczy condo building

This artistic illustration from The Berczy website shows how the 13-storey building will look once construction is completed sometime early next year


Catching glances: While Toronto’s iconic Flatiron Building continues to attract strong interest from tourists exploring the St Lawrence Market neighbourhood, The Berczy condo building across the street seems to be catching more attention from locals — especially now that construction has climbed several levels above grade.



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