Proposals for four skyline-changing towers set for review at Tuesday meeting of TEYCC



Projects would change skyline, transform under-utilized land

The 37-storey office building and three condo towers, each of which would soar more than 60 stories, have been proposed for two Harbour Street properties that face each other on the east and west sides of York Street. If approved, the projects would revitalize under-utilized tracts of lands awkwardly situated between Lake Shore Boulevard and the elevated Gardiner Expressway to the north, and Harbour Street and the Gardiner’s York/Bay/Yonge off-ramp to the south. Equally importantly, the new buildings would immensely improve the street-level experience for pedestrians travelling between Harbourfront and the Financial District, and would totally change the look of a downtown skyline already undergoing a significant transformation from towers recently completed or currently under construction.

The TEYCC is one of four community councils established to make “recommendations and decisions on local planning and development, as well as neighbourhood matters including traffic plans and parking regulations.” The councils report to the full Toronto City Council but do have final decision-making powers in certain areas.


Final planning reports to be reviewed

The agenda for TYECC’s meeting includes item TE20.8, consideration of a final city planners’ report on the Ten York proposal, and item TE20.12, review of the final planning report on the 1 York/90 Harbour office and condo tower development. The latter item was deferred from the council’s October 10 meeting, where it had originally been scheduled for review. Depending upon what TEYCC decides on Tuesday, both development proposals could wind up in the hands of Toronto City Council for a final decision as early as November 27.

Also up for consideration is item TE20.64, a report recommending that TEYCC approve a 6-month closure of a public sidewalk on Lake Shore Boulevard “to enable construction to proceed” on the 1 York/90 Harbour project site. A  final decision on the construction staging request is within the full power of the TEYCC.

I describe each of the two projects in further detail in two separate posts, below. See: “Tridel previews trimmed Ten York condo tower as redesigned project goes to TEYCC for approval,” and “Office & condo tower complex would revitalize under-used ‘island’ site at York & Harbour Streets.”



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